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Trade Procedures ---
  • PNR Inc. specializes in marketing genuine PMMC and AU sourced gold to international gold buyers who are interested in accessing large quantities of Ghana's gold supply for a discount off of LME Gold Bullion Market Prices.
  • Genuine, licensed Ghanaian suppliers of gold are encouraged to contact for inclusion in our database of Ghanaian gold sources
  • Authentic buyers of gold interested in large quantities of gold are supplied through sights. Please read PMMC Ghana's procedures for the legal export of bulk quantities of gold from Ghana.
  • Our firm faciliates gold transactions for 10 Kilograms and up sourced in DRC - Congo via UAE through the issuance of a Confirmed Irrevocable Letter of Credit in favor of our associated firm's UAE-Based Bank. The issuing bank must be a World Recognized Bank. Given this favorable marketing term, discounts are higher.
  • Please note: We offer a standard discount of 2% through our dedicated licensed PMMC suppliers, given strong world market demand.
  • Firms with a proven track record of purchasing from our choice licensed sellers will be offered quantity discounts up to 12% off LME, given they enter into Joint Venture agreements with our small scale miners and invest in accelerated extraction operations. Mining investment inquiries should be directed to or click below and include complete details on your gold sourcing and extraction requests.
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